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Decorating rooms of one’s own house has always been in fashion, but it’s the bathroom décor that has revolutionized over the years. Combine this change with the customization of products and voila! You have the perfectly adorned and an enviably pretty bathroom.



Bath accessories- and everyone will back me up on this- are available in an astounding variety, but somehow, you never manage to find those that fit perfectly in yours. A simple tissue paper box would look horrendous, a paper basket with absolutely no fashionable look would stick out like a wart and your very own body wash bottle would look dirty standing in the middle. This is why custom made bath accessories have come into vogue and let me tell you something: they are here to stay for a very long time.

The custom made bath accessories can usually be ordered online, although some companies in this business also take orders on their outlets. The accessories are encased in blocks and designs of your pick. For instance, if you wish to give a marbled touch to your bathroom, a tissue paper box would be constructed out of marbled stone just for you. If you like bedazzled items, all the accessories will be adorned with glittering beads. Take one step further and you will be required to select the colour of the beads/crystals, with a diamond and gold look taking up most of the market right now. If you prefer an executive look, accessories with a shiny black office-like look would be your choice. Most of these companies sports themes from which you can select the desired theme if you are at a loss for your own ideas.

Such companies will also change every accessory in your bathroom to match your selected theme. So you like a toothbrush holder with beads? Yes, you can get this but won’t it be great to have a toothbrush decorated with the same beads? Yes, you can get that too. Also, trays can be ordered for the accessories to sit on in your bathroom. The trays are of varied sizes and shapes: some come in squares and some are available in rectangles. Rest assured, all of them are decorated on the outside with designs of your choice. Some of the most popular and frequently requested designs include the Chantilly lace design, the caviar look, the Bristol design, the Audrey look, and even a combination of Audrey and Bristol. Again, an array of colours is available for you to choose from.

Thus, it is time to jump into this revolutionary trend and make your bath as pretty as the rest of house. Pour your fashion sense into your thoughts and customize away!


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